Dear Kiss Daniel, It Is Time To Wake Up From Your Slumber!

On a few events, artistes underestimate the outcome of dry season and rest in the Nigerian music scene. Unfortunately for us, today, boi-kiss is one of the individuals who have made that rundown.

I don’t think whatever other craftsman appreciated an additionally satisfying year (asides Wizkid) than G-Worldwide’s Kiss Daniel did in 2016.

It resembled a flip of page or should I say coin for the afro pop artist who went from being evaded for a standout amongst the most emotional honor classes in Nigeria to sacking home the hip-jump world disclosure honor and best pop collection of the year in addition to different honors.

Kiss Daniel was ostensibly the greatest new indigenous craftsman of the year 2016. Some time ago, we thought the kid was not cherished in the wake of accepting ‘cool shoulders’ at the top. Be that as it may, basic audit has demonstrated that Kiss Daniel is moving in the wrong wagon.

Yes! To be clear; it is sheltered to state the G-Worldwide group has neglected to utilize this present kid’s potential the way it ought to. That is to say, I review many saying that Kiss Daniel has that combination of 9ice and 2Baba. As an artiste who just as of late broke into the A-rundown class; you don’t begin another music year later than your kindred partners. The first quarter is simply finishing and there has been no discussion of new offerings from Kiss Daniel.

We have so far delighted in the ‘New Era’ collection and in addition the variety of visuals that went with the same pattern, however it is another year and this most loved kid is truly falling behind.

Does this mean G-Worldwide is unequipped for adequately overseeing only the two artistes they have? Truly, such a variety of inquiries strike a chord yet the more I consider them, the more talk they get.

Goodness and one more, what’s the arrangement behind this no coordinated effort proviso in their artistes’ agreement?

Now and then we giggle at the arrangements these artistes sign with their establishing record mark. G-Worldwide is not even a swarmed mark yet they have fizzled at sharpening the possibilities loaded in the prospects-full music acts, which they marked.

In conclusion require I say that just a single thing can happen this year; ‘Kiss Daniel stops G-Worldwide’ that is certainly a feature I will anticipate.

Dear Kiss Daniel, stop the visits and recordings and return to studio for new venture!

The time has come to wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! (Scene close).


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